Don’t take your Eyes off the Lox and Onions

My husband made himself a lox and purple onion sandwich for a treat. He only left it alone for a few moments to get a cup of coffee when our furry baby Kiki ate it probably in one bit and swallow. Kiki has eaten things he ought not to eat many times during the past 8 years. Onions can be extremely toxic and even fatal for our furry ones. I did some research and gave him a few supplements; if he had been more symptomatic I would have taken him immediately to the Vet. Instead I gave him lots of Reiki which he fully accepted. I also asked my husband to give him additional Reiki treatments while I was away from the house for the next few hours. The end of this episode is that he is well and being as mischievous as ever. What would I ever have done without Reiki in our home and family!!!