Articles (PDF): 

Reiki: The Healing Power of Touch” (Coping Magazine, May/June 2008)

Five Reiki Ideals for Cancer Survivors” (Coping Magazine, July/August 2012)

Healing Hands: UMC Patients Embrace the Healing Effects of Reiki” (Vim & Vigor, Summer 2010)

Reiki to Last Breath” (Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2011)

Creating a Reiki Share in a Medical Center” (Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2012)

A Heeler’s 11 Year Journey with Reiki” (Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2012)

“Introducing Reiki into the Traditional Healthcare Environment” (Reiki News Magazine Spring 2013)

Reiki And Mindfulness (Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2014)

Reiki and the UA Book Festival (Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2015)

Reiki, Ireland, Leprechauns and Magic! (Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2016)

Lupus and Reiki Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2016)

ToShareOrNot Reiki News Magazine Winter 2019

ReikiInAnimalCareCenters Reiki News Magazine,Summer 2020

ReikiDuringPandemic Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2020

Videos (Links):

“Meditation Brings Peace After Jan 8 Shootings” (Arizona Public Media, July 2013)

Marsha’s Description and Demonstration of a Reiki Session

Reiki Treatments for Cancer – Watch Web MD Video

TCAN video of Marsha sharing the benefits of Support Groups

Marsha is part of the Winter 2018 Reiki Healing Summit (Epic Virtual Reiki Event) on Reiki and Cancer Care.