Reiki and Healing

We live in an exciting time of technological growth and social networking possibilities; we can connect with information, resources and individuals in our communities and globally almost instantaneously. As much as this technology can enhance our lives, it can also contribute to a stressful state and unhealthy patterns and behaviors. The challenge is to identify restorative and integrative processes to create balance and wellness in a fast moving world.

Daily we are also confronted by media stories about economic, environmental, political and social crises; we view images about suffering that may fill our energetic systems with feelings of loss, hopelessness and outrage. We also may have personal challenges, losses, family, professional and health concerns affecting our peace of mind and inner joy. Whether we recognize it fully or not we may be searching for a path and practice to become healthier, a means to quiet the mind and body at any time, and an opportunity to renew one’s hopes and dreams.

Reiki is a complete energy system of natural healing that has become increasingly popular worldwide since the 1980’s. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word representing universal life energy, the energy which is all around and within us. It is derived from rei, meaning ‘universal’ or ‘higher dimension of the soul’ and ki, meaning ‘vital life force energy. Reiki is sometimes also referred to as ‘energy medicine’, ‘energy therapeutics’, ‘vibrational healing’ and ‘subtle healing’.

Reiki is primarily a touch modality that is gentle, non invasive and non manipulative; it complements and supports all allopathic treatments and interventions. It is easy to learn and to begin practicing on oneself to create more peace of mind and healing on a physical, emotional and mental level. No prior experience is needed. One must receive an appropriate level attunement, also known as an initiation, by a Reiki Master Teacher to be able to channel the Reiki energy through one’s crown chakra, hands and heart. It is a practice that can be used anytime, anywhere and in any circumstance. Those who use Reiki on a regular basis report enhanced vitality, personal growth and transformation.