Mentoring Sessions:
Marsha has been a well respected Clinician and Mentor in the Tucson community for over 36 years; she is an MSW, LCSW, and in 2007 was awarded the NASW Social Worker of the Year for Arizona. She has extensive experience in helping individuals to heal from traumas, manifest improved wellness and to achieve life goals. She also works with couples to improve communication and intimacy. Marsha utilizes innovative approaches including cognitive behavioral and stress management interventions. Many individuals who begin to work with Reiki recognize that mentoring can support and enhance  personal healing, as well as the manifestation of their goals related to their Reiki  practice.

Private Reiki Sessions:
Scheduling a private Reiki session provides you a 1:1 opportunity to give yourself a magnificent gift. As your RMT and practitioner, I bring a lifetime of experience working clinically with individuals who are trying to improve their physical and emotional well being. I will do an intake exploring your present challenges and hopes for your session. With byosen scanning I will become familiar with your system and prepare it for a deep and healing experience. You will remain fully clothed and will lay comfortably on a Reiki table. The room will be dimly lit and gentle music will support your experience. Some essential oils and a singing bowl may be incorporated into your session. When your time on the table is complete, you will receive feedback regarding your Reiki session and recommendations about additional sessions if needed.

Contact Marsha at: or (520) 982-6721 to schedule a mentoring or Reiki session and to discuss with me what your mentoring or Reiki goals may be. Some clients prefer scheduling a half hour of mentoring and half hour of Reiki.