Reiki has been a wonderful addition to the other healing modalities I have used with my patients. A simple technique that can lead to big changes if we are open to new ideas. On a personal note, Reiki has helped me through stressful situations to calmer thoughts and eventually to healing. I would recommend Reiki to anyone who would like to receive the benefits of well being, I have also done Reiki on my animals who respond quite well to the technique. Marsha is professional and compassionate, her heart shines through as a caring and knowledgeable teacher. Julia RN, Yoga Therapist, Reiki I

Marsha embodies the Reiki ideals in her teaching and in her practice. When I am lucky enough to be in her presence I sense the positive energy flow around her, feel her kindness, and sweet sense of gratitude. I am proud to have completed my level II Reiki with Marsha as my guide, honored to have her in my yoga classes and very grateful for her friendship and her teaching. I highly recommend Marsha for anyone seeking support in their healing. Namaste, Marsha. Barb Sherman, Registered Yoga Instructor, LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner and Reiki level 2

I took Marsha’s level 1 & 2 Reiki classes. Really enjoyed the wonderful, powerful energy. Reiki calls to me often when I am working on massage clients. I’ll be working and all of a sudden I can feel the need to stop and just give some Reiki. It’s been a gift in my life. Colleen Avender LMT

Gracias a la generosidad de mi maestra Marsha, El reiki ha sido de mucha ayuda para mi, sobre todo en momentos de crisis, durante el tratamiento con quimio y radio terapia. me ha ayudado fundamentalmente al manejo de la ansiedad. Recomiendo mucho el reiki a las personas con trastornos de ansiedad. Physician and Cancer Survivor, Argentina

My experience with Marsha has been one of pure delight. I have found her to be most sincere in her Reiki practice and passionate about sharing the benefits Reiki can bring. Always attentive and gentile Marsha brings with her great compassion and skill as she guides others to realize the potential of Reiki in every individual life that she touches. I have delighted in our every encounter. Sincerely, Jim Hasman, Reiki student.

I was first introduced to Marsha’s healing hands and the power of Reiki when Marsha provided me with relief from a nagging sinus headache many tears ago. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the amazing physical and emotional impact of the Attunement that Marsha as a teacher and a trainer provided for me in a Level 1 Reiki training session in Sydney in 2005. Since that time Marsha has been a source of unfailing support and care in times of stress both for me and my family – including our dog. Marsha’s dedication and the ongoing reassurance that she so willingly gives are surely the hallmark of a true teacher. Marsha and Reiki have made a real difference to my life. Chris, teacher and Reiki student, Australia.