Special Reiki Level 1 Classes and Topics:

Reiki for people who love animals and pets.

Reiki to deal with the issues of aging.

Reiki for caregiving.

Reiki for those with cardiac challenges.

Reiki for children.

Reiki for people with chronic health issues.

Reiki to enhance communication.

Reiki for Couples.

Reiki for Educators.

Reiki for empowerment.

Reiki to help manage pain.

Reiki for those experiencing grief and loss.

Reiki for healing wounds of the heart.

Reiki for survivors of domestic violence.

Reiki for Women challenging post-menopausal concerns.

Reiki class for physicians.

**These focus level 1 trainings will be offered once an appropiate number of students request them. Contact Marsha with your interest in a specific focus Reiki class.