Reiki Levels

Reiki Level 1 Training:
This is the foundation for your Reiki practice. It is the Level 1 attunement that one receives during this training that gives one the ability to do Reiki on oneself or another person. This 1 day class will be didactical and experiential. The student will learn:

  • A brief history of Reiki
  • Sensitivity exercises
  • Energy clearing
  • The use of the 5 Reiki ideals
  • Chakra balancing
  • Hand positions which will be used during head flow and stomach flow sessions
  • How to do a mini Reiki session on others
  • Ethical considerations
  • Byosen scanning …and much more!


Reiki Level 2 Training:
This 1 1/2 day training is for the student ready to progress in one’s Reiki practice after a minimum of 3 months following Reiki Level 1. One receives 4 attunements which will give the student a stronger practice and enhanced healing abilities. The student will learn:

  • How to use the 3 Usui symbols
  • How to do distant Reiki sessions
  • How to do multiple distant healing sessions
  • How to send energy to personal goals and affirmations
  • How to access 10 to 15 times the energy from Reiki Level 1
  • The basics of giving a Reiki session using a Reiki table


Advance Reiki Training (ART):
This 1 day class is for students who either recognize that they are on the path to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher or are dedicated Reiki students and practitioners ready to grow further. The student will receive the Master attunement which will bring in a fullness in their system and deepen their spiritual path. The student will learn:

  • How to incorporate the Master symbol in practice for self and others
  • Energy exercises to expand one’s system and abilities
  • The Advanced Healing Attunement to be done on others as part of a ‘healing process’
  • Advanced Reiki Meditation
  • The basics of setting up a Reiki practice


Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) Mentoring Program:
This is an exquisite and transformative 4 month, 30 hr mentoring program. The candidate must be interviewed by Marsha. One must have an ART training certificate and be able to show documentation of having provided at least 30 sessions to others. This mentoring program will include: 2 classes per month, homework assignments including expectations about working on processes with a classmate outside of class. The student will learn:

  • How to establish a Reiki practice
  • How to create a Reiki curriculum for one’s classes
  • Energy exercises to prepare for being able to do attunements
  • How to do Level 1, 2 and ART attunements
  • How to do the Master Healing Attunement ….and more!

Graduation will include the student receiving the Reiki Master attunement and their certificate and manual.

The 2 month, 18 hr mentoring program is a concentrated training for one to become a Reiki Master Teacher with less experiential and practice time.


Karuna Reiki® 1 Training:
Pre-requisite is ART or RMT. Karuna Reiki® is a system developed by William Rand and healers at the ICRT in 1995. Karuna, a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘compassionate action’. This is a very powerful spiritual and healing process. In this 1 day training, the student will be attuned to 4 Karuna healing symbols. The student will learn:

  • How to tone, chant and use these 4 Karuna symbols
  • How to work with the Shadow Self
  • How to incorporate Karuna into one’s Reiki practice for self and others
  • Specific patterns to use when addressing specific conditions


Karuna Reiki® 2 Training:
Pre-requisite is ART or RMT and Karuna 1. In this 1 day training the student will be attuned to 4 additional Karuna healing symbols which will open up more opportunities for deep and effective healings. Some perceived benefits may be improved learning abilities, enhanced creativity, empowering one’s goals, deep peacefulness and grounding. The student will learn:

  • How to tone, chant and use these 4 Karuna symbols
  • How to incorporate them into sessions with Karuna 1 symbols
  • Additional patterns to use when addressing specific conditions or challenges


Karuna Reiki® Master Training:
Pre-requisite is RMT. This 2 day training is for the student who has the calling to teach Karuna to others. There will first be a review of Karuna 1 and 2 which will support the student in personal use of this system and in teaching it to others. The student will also learn:

  • 4 Karuna Master symbols
  • How to do Karuna 1, Karuna 2, and Karuna Master attunements