About Marsha Drozdoff

When I was 5 years old I remember looking up at the sky and having the profound sense that there was a universal connection amongst us all no matter where we lived and what religions and cultures we embraced. I knew that this would be heart centered and would allow us to honor and respect our shared humanity. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and studied Psychology, volunteered in hospitals and employed bio-energetics as a path towards healing the body and mind. I also used hypnosis as a means to expand my exploration of human consciousness and human potential. I received my MSW from Hunter School of Social Work and worked in Downstate Medical Center before leaving New York. After moving to Tucson with my husband on July 4, 1980, I continued to study, use and teach numerous mind-body-spirit interventions including relaxation techniques, massage, meditation, yoga, visualization and sensory imagery, cognitive behavioral, art and healing, the use of music for recovery, and drumming. I have used many of these modalities as a Clinical Social Worker in a Medical Center as well as in my private practice. I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to touch the lives of cancer survivors and others affected by serious health challenges and to support them on their journeys towards wellness, inner transformation and peace of mind.

Despite all of my training and professional experiences, I was unprepared when I personally faced medical challenges between 1997 and 1999; despite working with allopathic physicians and numerous complimentary practitioners, my health conditions continued to worsen. Pain was continually present and I became more disabled and hopeless each passing day until I went to Dr. Andrew’s Weil Integrative Medicine clinic in April 1999; the physician whom I saw thought that Reiki (energy medicine) would make a difference to my condition. I could never have dreamed how Reiki would heal and change my life. I look forward to sharing more of this story with you during your future trainings with me.

Besides working as a clinician with individuals, couples and families, I have been facilitating support groups and educational support programs for over 36 years in Tucson. This is a richness that I bring to my trainings at Desert Reiki Connection. This has also included a monthly Reiki share and weekly Mindfulness and Meditation group.

After becoming a Reiki Master Teacher I was awarded a grant from the Southern Arizona Affiliate for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to teach Reiki to minority women with breast cancer as a modality for stress reduction and relaxation. The following year I was awarded a Komen grant to teach Reiki to families of women with breast cancer to enhance communication and intimacy. To create a sustainable program for those facing health challenges, I created a monthly Reiki Share in the Medical Center for patients, families and staff who are Reiki trained. This work contributed to my receiving the 2007 Social Worker of the Year award from National Association of Social Workers (NASW)- Arizona. My articles about Reiki have been published in Coping and Reiki News Magazine. I have also been privileged to present on Reiki and to teach Reiki classes locally, nationally and globally. In 2012, I was honored to be chosen by the Institute of Noetic Sciences to co-facilitate the monthly Reiki share through Tucson IONS. Upon IONS Tucson closing operations in December 2017, this monthly Reiki/Energy Share now meets monthly under a new name of Tucson Energy Circle. To all my students and colleagues, I bring my deepest respect and passion for Reiki. It is my heartfelt intention to share with you all that I have learned and continue to learn to support you on your own Reiki journey.

Marsha’s Bio
Marsha is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Social Worker and support group facilitator. She worked at Banner University Medical Center (formerly UMC) in Tucson for over 36 years and has successfully integrated Reiki into out patient Oncology care. She provided Reiki programs to patients, families, and staff at the hospital until December 2017 and now within the Tucson community including at the Golder Ranch Fire District, Station 380. Marsha facilitated a monthly Reiki share at the Medical Center for 10 years and co- facilitated an Energy Circle thru the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) for 6 years. She co-facilitates this monthly Reiki/Energy Share under the new name of Tucson Energy Circle. Marsha has taught Reiki classes in the University of Arizona Cancer Center for 10 years as well as within her community practice, Desert Reiki Connection. Marsha has presented on Reiki locally, nationally and internationally. Her articles on Reiki have been published in both Coping and Reiki News Magazine. She has been interviewed by the media locally and nationally. She was honored to be an audio presenter at the Virtual Winter 2018 Reiki Healing Summit on Reiki and Cancer Care.

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