Don’t take your Eyes off the Lox and Onions

My husband made himself a lox and purple onion sandwich for a treat. He only left it alone for a few moments to get a cup of coffee when our furry baby Kiki ate it probably in one bit and swallow. Kiki has eaten things he ought not to eat many times during the past 8 years. Onions can be extremely toxic and even fatal for our furry ones. I did some research and gave him a few supplements; if he had been more symptomatic I would have taken him immediately to the Vet. Instead I gave him lots of Reiki which he fully accepted. I also asked my husband to give him additional Reiki treatments while I was away from the house for the next few hours. The end of this episode is that he is well and being as mischievous as ever. What would I ever have done without Reiki in our home and family!!!

Reflections from a ‘Dog Whisperer’ RMT

As you may know from prior posts, I have been volunteering at PACC weekly doing Reiki and Massage (and walking the dogs) whenever I am in town; after being away from PACC for nearly a month due to a fabulous trip to Indonesia/Bali, I was very excited to get back to these precious dogs of all sizes, breeds and time in the shelter while awaiting hopefully adoption by their forever families.  When it started to rain and lightening, I decided that it was time to get inside and focus on Reiki and massage instead of giving a few additional dogs their morning walk (and a little massage if open to it).  Since many of the dogs in the Pod were above the level that I am presently eligible to go directly into their kennel, I again took a pillow and chose whichever dog was calling for more TLC (or had notations stating that he/she might be shy or very scared or stressed).  Sitting across from a 1 1/2 y.o. who had only been there for a month who would barely make contact with me and sat in the back of her kettle, I began sending Reiki thru my hands, eyes and heart while chanting the Karuna symbols Zona Krya Halu Harth; she slowly would peep out at me until she felt safe enough to eat a biscuit and later allow me to touch her thru the cage.  I later worked individually with another 5 dogs or so…but wanted to reach them all so I chanted loud enough allowing the positive vibrations to bring healing to each.  It was an exquisite day for me…and hopefully for them too.  For any ART or RMT students who want to work with animals, this is another reason to take your Karuna training!