Checking Items off your ‘Bucket List’

For years I have been telling myself that I wanted to climb Picacho Peak in Arizona.  For years I have had one excuse or another not to climb it including that  my former rotator cuff tears might be a problem or  that I had missed the best climbing season and  that it was now 100 degrees (in the shade!).  This year I put climbing Picacho Peak on my ‘bucket list’ and made a decision to do this no matter what.

When one strips away all the excuses or reasons for not manifesting our heart’s desires, generally one finds ‘fear’ and old constructs about our abilities or what we deserve.  Work with your mental/emotional symbol over your heart and solar plexus chakras if you are at least a level 2, set your intention for healing and  the release of outdated beliefs, and send Reiki to your goals and positive affirmations about yourself.

On 2/16, I climbed Picacho Peak and was absolutely delighted by my abilities and strength.  My increased mindfulness this year helped me to stay connected with the movements of my body and mind enhancing my sense of joy and safety.  The photo is of myself on top of the peak!

I don’t know all the new things that will now be added to my ‘bucket list’.  The thing that I know is that climbing Picacho Peak is now checked off.  Make your own list, use your Reiki practice,

On top of Picacho Peak

and live the magnificent life that you were meant to live!