Don’t be Deceived by those Eyes!

When I go to PACC each week, there are so many wonderful dogs competing for my attention; each one tries to express it’s individuality whether by barking, sitting for me, using non verbal communication…including ‘those eyes’.  I am usually excellent at assessing which dog might benefit and welcome me for some massage, Reiki and hopefully good company.

Last week my heart responded to ‘those eyes’ that were sad,  inviting and hopeful.  I had read on the board that this dog could be a bit ‘shy’ (which is often my favorite to work with)…and might pull getting back into the kennel.  I decided to take this big girl out to a play area and I could see that her main focus was on how to escape if the opportunity presented itself; after a little time together I decided that she wasn’t getting that much benefit and decided to take her back to her kennel.  Getting her in wasn’t bad but when I tried to exit, she pushed past me and was soon running throughout the pods as if she was in a marathon.  I kept running after her…and she kept running away from me. Other dogs were barking and there wasn’t anyone to initially assist me.  Finally I trapped her by a gate…and asked a young man to accompany us back to her kennel.

So…what did I learn???? don’t get taken by those eyes!  wear a whistle!  be mindful of these animals who are new at PACC and may be having adjustment issues.  After all this excitement, I was ready to hold, love and Reiki some 2 month old heeler pups!