Reiki and Mother’s Day

I want to wish all the women whom might be reading this today, a very Happy Mother’s Day. If you are a Mother (or Mother to be), please gift yourself a lovely session of  Reiki today.  As Mothers you may be Mindful about all the times during your day that you are compassionately focusing on the needs of others.  By doing Reiki on yourself, you are bringing loving kindness and healing to yourself which is a prerequisite to meeting all the challenges of caring for others.

Daisaku Ikeda, International President of the SGI, states in For Today & Tomorrow:  Daily Encouragements:  “Please do not forget your mother’s love or the hardships she has endured for you.  I am convinced that while people keep the memory of their mothers’ loving faces alive in their minds, they will never go far astray….”.  Even if there were times of disappointment in your relationship, let’s remember with gratitude that our Mothers brought us into the world giving us life (or if adopted, have raised us in the best way that she knew how to do contributing to us being the women that we are today).  If you have received at least a Level 2 Reiki training, let’s send Reiki to our Moms, or if we are still blessed to have them in our lives and living close to us, let’s give them a Reiki session from our hearts and deep sense of appreciation, joy
and love.