Persistence and Resilience

Since I have only been volunteering at PACC for less than 6 months, I am still learning so much; just like teaching a Reiki class or giving a Reiki session to human clients, one needs to be Mindful about what is unique in each situation.

This week I was saddened to see or learn about a few older dogs whom had been adopted out during the holiday season and returned; it hurt my heart for these precious lives to have found hope and a new home..only to be disappointed and returned.  Perhaps the cat didn’t get  along with the new dog…or there were questions about how this new member of the family would do with the children.  I remember back to my own experience after adopting Kiki 6+ years ago; he was difficult in many ways especially when he ate thru 3 couches, some curtains, part of a wooden rocking chair leg, mail, etc. He was also very reactive to all the rabbits in our neighborhood and would stand up on his hind legs whenever he saw a rabbit!  Despite all of this, he was ours and there was no question about returning him; we were family and needed to learn how to best work with his behaviors…helping him to be the best Kiki Drozdoff possible!  He no longer reacts to rabbits nor eats furniture!  He does occasionally take a piece of mail as a joke…and definitely thinks that he is the neighborhood protector from coyotes.

We have so many precious dogs at PACC who deserve a loving home and will definitely enrich your lives.  Be persistent with your love, positive expectations and reinforcement; be resilient and unless there are dire circumstances, don’t give up!

Random Acts of Kindness

Today at PACC someone offered me a ‘random act of kindness’.  I was working with a small dog in his kennel doing Reiki and massage (also supporting healing over an area that had staples from a surgery)…and  a staff person by accident locked me in after putting in food for this dog.  From the inside, I could not exit and no one was around.  I was all ready to leave for the day…and kept shouting ‘hello!!!!’ while trying not to disturb all the dogs in that area.  No one responded and many staff wear ear plugs so it felt as tho’ I was shouting in a vacuum.   Finally another volunteer found me and let me out.  I gave her a Ben’s Bells certificate of Kindness when I got back to the office.

Of course the question is, how do we respond to others with random acts of kindness.  With our ‘Reiki eyes’, do we send strangers positive messages of caring and support? Do we respond to a stranger in need and when appropriate offer to give some Reiki if desired?  Bring Mindfulness to your day and you will begin to recognize all the opportunities to offer these delicious acts of kindness that help to shape our world into a more compassionate place.

Mindfulness, Reiki and Belize

IMG_2092 Reiki has been instrumental in my life in cultivating a Mindful practice and way of living.  While reclining on a lounge chair under a palapas type covering for shade, I was enjoying reading on Amberge Caye in Belize.  I felt the gentle breeze on my skin, the vacation type paperback in my hands and the peacefulness and sense of pleasure in my heart.  I suddenly looked up and not only saw the beautiful clouds over the sea interspaced by the blue sky piercing in between the cotton white shapes, but I noticed how the beautiful lighting of the sun was exquisitely reflecting down into the water.  Excitedly I moved to the shoreline to take some photos; they were magnificent even on my I-phone.  Seeing a local worker cleaning the leaves, I mentioned to him about the beauty that I felt privileged to see and record.  He stopped, looked at me and said:  I don’t usually see those things.  It made my heart dance that with Mindfulness I had not missed what for others had become routine.

Some days later in another part of Belize near San Ignacio I went zip lining.  Truthfully I had been fearful of doing this activity and sent Reiki to the goal of having a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience.  Once I was there, I brought Mindfulness to how the equipment felt, the lushness of the environment, the platforms we stood on, and the movements of the guide ahead of me.  With this type of focus, the activity was filled with joy, pleasure in the movements, sights and sounds.  My primary sound was of ‘hooting’ in the exuberance of it all!100_5377

Reiki and Mother’s Day

I want to wish all the women whom might be reading this today, a very Happy Mother’s Day. If you are a Mother (or Mother to be), please gift yourself a lovely session of  Reiki today.  As Mothers you may be Mindful about all the times during your day that you are compassionately focusing on the needs of others.  By doing Reiki on yourself, you are bringing loving kindness and healing to yourself which is a prerequisite to meeting all the challenges of caring for others.

Daisaku Ikeda, International President of the SGI, states in For Today & Tomorrow:  Daily Encouragements:  “Please do not forget your mother’s love or the hardships she has endured for you.  I am convinced that while people keep the memory of their mothers’ loving faces alive in their minds, they will never go far astray….”.  Even if there were times of disappointment in your relationship, let’s remember with gratitude that our Mothers brought us into the world giving us life (or if adopted, have raised us in the best way that she knew how to do contributing to us being the women that we are today).  If you have received at least a Level 2 Reiki training, let’s send Reiki to our Moms, or if we are still blessed to have them in our lives and living close to us, let’s give them a Reiki session from our hearts and deep sense of appreciation, joy
and love.

Mindfulness and Meditation Group

There is no Mindfulness and Meditation group on Monday, September 01 due to Labor Day; group will resume on 9/8.  All sessions will be meeting in July and August.

Mindfulness and Meditation

I am honored to facilitate the Mindfulness and Meditation group at UAMC for the past 2 years.  YogiDevi initially introduced this as a Stillness Meditation group to the Medical Center to help promote healing for both the Medical Center community and Tucson community at lodge after the January 8th shooting in 2011.  The group has expanded over time to include a Mindfulness focus that helps to cultivate  a rich sense of aliveness in each present moment. We can bring mindfulness to our breath and sensory experiences, our eating, our relationships, nature and our connection with spirit.

Remember that Dr. Usui first connected with the Reiki energy after meditating for 21 days on the Holy Mountain in Japan.  You too may choose to  add Meditation to your daily Reiki practice.  Meditate to quiet your mind and body.  Focus on the Reiki energy coming through your crown, your heart and hands.  Feel it filling yourself up from head to toe and expanding in your energy fields.  You can also ask to be directed to where Reiki is most needed for your self treatment or when working on others.