Reiki and Mother’s Day

My 6 top recommendations for Mother’s Day:

  1.  If you are Reiki trained and a ‘Mother’ (even to a 4 legged furry baby), do some extra Reiki on yourself including your heart chakra to celebrate yourself on this Mother’s Day
  2. If your Mom is still alive and geographically close by, do some Reiki on her as a gift of gratitude for her giving you life
  3. If your Mom lives a distance away or has passed, consider sending her some Reiki and bring Mindfulness to how it feels to connect using the loving energy of Reiki
  4. Consider offering Reiki to a Mother who may be a neighbor or even a person in a Nursing Home who does not have any of her children nearby
  5. Send Reiki to your relationship with your Mother…your Grandmother…Great grandmother who are all part of your precious lineage as a woman
  6. Gift your Mother (or special Mother you know and love) with a certificate for a Reiki session or Reiki class with a RMT–                                                                  Bonus recommendation from one of my students:  have a little fun today!