Integrating Reiki into One’s Yoga Practice

My first disclaimer is that I am not a yoga instructor.  This is purely my personal experience integrating Reiki into my yoga practice.  I have been doing yoga a few times per week for the past 10 years.  It has brought me innumerable gifts including increased strength, balance and flexibility.  Flexibility has been a true surprise because I grew up thinking that only my cousins who were dancers and choreographers were flexible.  I had trouble even as a child touching my toes!  I can’t tell you when it occurred but one day years ago in yoga class I realized how flexible I truly was; I became tearful because I realized that for decades I had lived with a belief system that I had accepted as a reality.  It caused me to wonder how often we walk thru our lives believing that something is true when it is only a limiting belief.

Yoga postures and breath work allow one to open up to chi/universal life force energy; energy can more freely flow thru  the chakras, blockages may be released and there can be an expansion in one’s energy field.  When I begin my yoga practice, I draw the power symbol on my hands and feet; I may also draw the Karuna symbol Gnosa over my 3rd eye to connect me even more fully to my spiritual practice.  When we chant together ‘Om’, I generally like to move my hands which are in prayer position from over my heart chakra up to the 3rd eye  and back to the heart chakra.

In Advanced Reiki training I teach a ‘moving meditation’ in which one intones the name of the Usui symbols while moving the hands around oneself in the energy field.  During my yoga classes, I intone the names of the Usui symbols when I feel directed to do this as my yoga teacher directs our movements in and out of postures.  I feel as though I am filling my energy field with additional light and love.

When we get ready for savasana, final relaxation, I sometimes draw the Usui mental/emotional symbol or the Karuna Harth symbol over my heart chakra.  I also like to draw the Usui Master symbol down the front of my body as a total blessing.  I experience
Art Poster from Sedona extremely deep relaxation and profound healing if needed.  To complete my practice when savasana has ended, I draw the Karuna Rama symbol on my feet and down the front of my body to ground me.  I may again draw the Gnosa over my 3rd eye as I express gratitude for my yoga practice that day.

Remember to be creative and open to how spirit may direct you to use Reiki in your Yoga practice.