Connections with Ourselves, with Each Other, and with Nature

I have been reflecting alot on ‘connections’.  This past week in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we saw people putting aside political differences before the upcoming elections and connecting in heart and spirit.  It didn’t matter if one formerly lived back East, went to school there or even had family and friends there; one could connect with the deep suffering of others and feel compelled to take action whether through prayer, energy work, phone calls, donations or other acts of kindness.  We initially connected through the visuals of what  we saw of the devastation, what we heard, what we felt in our inner seats of compassion,  and what we believed about our shared humanity.  I would encourage those who are trained in at least Level 2  to continue sending Reiki (divine light, love and comfort) to others.  It will help to decrease anxiety, fear, frustration and fatigue and to cultivate more hope and healing.

Prior to this recent event I attended numerous family weddings since this past June.  I brought mindfulness into those gatherings and observed with compassion for self and others (releasing judgment and expectations for particular outcomes).  I noticed that as I have continued to connect with my own growth and humanity through my Reiki and meditation practices, that I could ‘connect’ in a more gentle manner.  I noticed that it was delicious to connect with a new 6 month old grand-niece whom I had never met before and to sense the sweetness of this new beginning and budding love.  I noticed how I was planting seeds of connection with new brides or grooms in the family.  I was able to observe evolving family relationships; some were closer, some more distant, and some were filled with delightful surprises.  I brought with me to these gatherings a sense of curiosity and greater acceptance.  I also noticed my own sadness when connecting with the matriarchs in the family while sensing more of the sunset in their  lives.  I could observe my feelings and not be at the affect of them while residing in the  sacredness of the present.

The Monday after the last family wedding in Santa Cruz, California, a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit  the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.  These giants of nature were truly magnificent!  I breathed in their beauty and the grace of the moment and opportunity.  I held my hands up  to feel their remarkable energy and felt connected with awe and gratitude.  I felt the Redwoods’ ‘connection’ with the earth while simultaneously connecting with the sunlight and the divine!  May you too this month be mindful about your ‘special’ connections.
Redwoods State Park, California
       Feel free to share some of your reflections about ‘connections’ in our next Reiki share.