Reiki and Spirituality at the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Although I am frequently excited before going on  a trip, I knew that this Gate 1 tour to the Balkans would be enjoyable, though not the spiritual treasure that nourishes my soul; I did have a sense that there would be at least one spiritual gem…I just didn’t know where I might discover this.  It could have been during our first few days on our own in Bulgaria…or any step along the tour in Sofia, Bulgaria, Serbia or Rumania.  There were 3 optional tours available to us but the Rila Monastery, a Unesco site,  was the only one with the energetic pull; it was wonderful but not the spiritual delight that I was hoping for.  Then while walking to the bus, a stray and old dog who seemed to be hurting came right up to me and asked for Reiki.  I first put my hands in his energy field to see how he would respond.  Within moments he sat down and looked me in the eye; then he seamlessly moved to his side and put a paw on me while allowing the healing energy to flow. I felt total love in my heart and as the energy flowed, it was the sweetest spiritual moment. This lovely being who chose me to support his healing…and chose Reiki…was totally at ease and peaceful.  My tour guide finally said ‘enough with the dog’ and called me into the bus to leave with our group.  Needless to say, my fellow travelers who observed what had just occurred were filled with questions and Reiki requests.