Random Acts of Kindness

Today at PACC someone offered me a ‘random act of kindness’.  I was working with a small dog in his kennel doing Reiki and massage (also supporting healing over an area that had staples from a surgery)…and  a staff person by accident locked me in after putting in food for this dog.  From the inside, I could not exit and no one was around.  I was all ready to leave for the day…and kept shouting ‘hello!!!!’ while trying not to disturb all the dogs in that area.  No one responded and many staff wear ear plugs so it felt as tho’ I was shouting in a vacuum.   Finally another volunteer found me and let me out.  I gave her a Ben’s Bells certificate of Kindness when I got back to the office.

Of course the question is, how do we respond to others with random acts of kindness.  With our ‘Reiki eyes’, do we send strangers positive messages of caring and support? Do we respond to a stranger in need and when appropriate offer to give some Reiki if desired?  Bring Mindfulness to your day and you will begin to recognize all the opportunities to offer these delicious acts of kindness that help to shape our world into a more compassionate place.