Participating in Energy Research

I have been privileged to participate in some Reiki research over the years.  My first research study involved sending Reiki to a ‘leaf’ vs the control leaf that did not receive the daily energy; the results were statistically positive.  I’ve been involved in having energy measured thru my hands as a healer, doing Reiki on individuals with shoulder issues and more recently on horses.  The latter was an ‘equine facilitated learning research’ out in Sonoita.  It was a wonderful day and of course being around the horses was magical.  I highly encourage you to begin to get more interested in Energy research this year and either read studies that have been published or if you get a chance, get involved as a practitioner if you qualify.  This is the year of taking new steps in your Reiki practice.  I am very proud of my students, fellow practitioners and colleagues who  create so much value in their lives, communities and the world with Reiki.