Births and New Beginnings

September 2012: Birth and New Beginnings 

The launch of my new website has truly been like a birth for me; it also coincides with my birthday which has given me the rich opportunity to reflect on births, new beginnings and Reiki.  I am birthing a new opportunity to communicate with my students and to expand my capabilities as a RMT and healer.  How do you feel about your birth and being birthed into this world?  If you experienced a difficult or traumatic birth and are at least a Level 2 Reiki student, you may want to send Reiki to healing your birth trauma and to experiencing a more welcoming and comfortable beginning.  If you feel challenged by persistent feelings about not being loved or cared for in the way that you had desired as a baby, work with the Reiki Ideal: I give thanks in gratitude for my many blessings; write until you feel complete and then do Reiki on yourself where you are guided to.  Despite any early life disappointments, can you connect with gratitude for having been given life?

If you happen to be pregnant or are blessed to have a family member pregnant, can you connect with the sweetness and potentiality of this new being and send it love, support and deep gratitude for the gift it will soon bring into your own life! In addition, if you are birthing new ideas, programs, events, relationships, do more Reiki on your lower chakras.  Since you may feel unsettled by these changes, work on your root chakra for extra grounding.  The solar plexis, the seat of confidence and personal power, may also desire more Reiki attention.  Remember to clear limiting beliefs in your daily energy clearing and enjoy these new beginnings in your life!