Iguanas, Reiki and Belize


Iguana at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Iguana at San Ignacio Resort Hote

I recently returned home from a wonderful visit to Belize; this was my first time visiting the country that delights visitors with coral reefs, snorkeling (or scuba diving), leisure walks on the beach on some of the precious islands or zip lining, tubing in Mayan caves and visits to Mayan ruins that leave one in a state of awe and deep respect for the builders and architects from the past.

On a bus from Belize City to San Ignacio we were fortunate to meet with American students from Alabama who encouraged us to see the Green Iguana Conservation Project.  We took a cab to the San Ignacio Resort, ate a lovely lunch on the patio and then met up with the next hour tour to meet the Iguanas, learn their role in safe guarding the environment and why conservation was so important, and then had the opportunity to hold them.  Actually the iguanas whom live in the conservatory for 4 years before being released into a less restricted environment, initiate contact and jump/climb on your head, arms, chest and back.  Often more than one compete for temporary habitat on you and even enjoy massage behind their ears.  As a RMT who loves to explore Reiki on many types of animals, I delighted in giving Reiki to some very willing and appreciative iguanas. For further information, www.sanignaciobelize.com/belize-iguana-tourIMG_2109