Reiki Level 1 Training with Mindfulness Focus

In compliance with CDC recommendations, this training will be taught remotely on Zoom; this is currently for your own safety and the safety of others.  Meanwhile this is a crucial time  to do healing work on yourself to decrease  stress and enhance resiliency.  Feel free to contact me to learn additional strategies for your self care and coping.

This extraordinary past year  in which globally we have been confronting the challenges and losses from the Corona virus can be the perfect time in your life to pursue your personal goals to become a healer for yourself, your family, community and your beloved furry babies.  This exquisite 1 day training can support you with stress reduction, relaxation, wellness, enhanced awareness and for many, transformation. In this class you will receive one Distant attunement which will give you the ability to work on yourself and others. You will learn: sensitivity exercises, how to use the Reiki ideals, chakra balancing, hand positions for the head and stomach flow, how to do a mini Reiki session on others, byosen scanning, ethical considerations and more. Information will be shared within a Mindfulness focus. *This is a wonderful gift to give to yourself or someone you care about.  Many family members and friends enjoy taking this training together to take their relationship to a whole new level!

Marsha may also be sharing some of her experiences working with animals as a volunteer at PACC . *The photo is from Bulgaria at a monastery when a stray older dog walked up to Marsha and asked for healing!