Advanced Reiki/Personal Reiki Master Training

Do you feel the call to move forward in your Reiki practice?  Perhaps you feel ready to start your own Reiki business or want to do Reiki in a community setting (once we can safely do this) or organization that requires this higher level of training.  In this wondrous full day training, you will be attuned to the Reiki Master symbol, learn energy exercises necessary to do future attunements on clients, learn how to do the Advanced Healing attunement and more.  You will be delighted by this new level of practice and to be a part of the Reiki Master community.  You will also be eligible in the future to take your RMT and/or Karuna trainings if desired. Due to the Covid Pandemic this training will be offered on Zoom and attunements done remotely.  People more than ever need Reiki in their lives to support their healing, stress reduction and well being.