Mindfulness and Meditation Group

There is no Mindfulness and Meditation group on Monday, September 01 due to Labor Day; group will resume on 9/8.  All sessions will be meeting in July and August.

Mindfulness and Meditation

I am honored to facilitate the Mindfulness and Meditation group at UAMC for the past 2 years.  YogiDevi initially introduced this as a Stillness Meditation group to the Medical Center to help promote healing for both the Medical Center community and Tucson community at lodge after the January 8th shooting in 2011.  The group has expanded over time to include a Mindfulness focus that helps to cultivate  a rich sense of aliveness in each present moment. We can bring mindfulness to our breath and sensory experiences, our eating, our relationships, nature and our connection with spirit.

Remember that Dr. Usui first connected with the Reiki energy after meditating for 21 days on the Holy Mountain in Japan.  You too may choose to  add Meditation to your daily Reiki practice.  Meditate to quiet your mind and body.  Focus on the Reiki energy coming through your crown, your heart and hands.  Feel it filling yourself up from head to toe and expanding in your energy fields.  You can also ask to be directed to where Reiki is most needed for your self treatment or when working on others.