What to do in the face of acts of Violence

We recently experienced still more mass shootings and loss of life, hopes and dreams.  Besides remembering to give yourself, another Reiki colleague, friend or family a Reiki session, you can send Reiki to ‘support all those impacted by the shootings/acts of violence’.  We may think of the victim, his or her family members, the survivors, the first responders…but so many more of us may be impacted in ways that we can’t imagine.  Even yesterday when I was meeting with a friend and giving her some Reiki, I asked about how her husband who was a former police officer was coping; she said that he couldn’t even talk about it.  Folks are hurting deeply and needing the comfort and healing from Reiki.  As Reiki practitioners this is something that we can do.

Supporting Others Following a Natural Disaster: Nepal Earthquake Response

On April 25th there was a horrific earthquake in Nepal also known as the Gorkha earthquake.  At this time over 7000 are known to be dead, large areas destroyed and beautiful parts of the culture gone.  The Avalanche on Mt Everette caused death and destruction as well.  Many of us responded by sending financial contributions and offering prayers, or in our case Reiki.  However as there have been less items on the news about Napal and no more dramatic rescues, many of us  have moved our attention to other ‘areas of interest’.  There was a poignant reminder from Amma yesterday; for us it is a reminder and call to continue sending Reiki to all those impacted by the Nepal Earthquake- those whose lives have been lost, their families, friends, community, the hikers, rescuers and relief workers presently pouring out their hearts and efforts to help those in need.  We are a global family and this deserves a global response.

Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi conducted a prayer ceremony last week for healing and to bring peace to the departed souls that passed away during the recent earthquake in Nepal. Amma called for all of her children to pray for everyone affected by the disaster. “Children, don’t feel that this disaster has happened to someone else–feel like this has happened to our own family members. Amma is expecting everyone to pray and to do something to help the people of Nepal.”

Sending Reiki when there is a Global Need

I first went to Australia in 2002 for my daughter’s wedding.  I also taught my first international Reiki class there during another visit.  Australia (Sydney in particular) has been particularly welcoming to my daughter, and the people always gracious  and kind.  I was saddened and shocked when my daughter who no longer lives there contacted me to inform me about the recent hostage crisis and asked me to send Buddhist prayers.  Not only did I do so but also began to send Reiki for the best possible outcome.  I contacted members of both my Reiki community as well as my SGI Buddhist community to support .  Please recognize that we live in an interdependent world.  When there is a crisis or challenge somewhere outside of our own home communities, we still can send powerful prayer, energy and intention to support healing and positive change.  All those impacted by this recent crisis still need the support that additional Reiki can provide!

Mindfulness and Meditation

I am honored to facilitate the Mindfulness and Meditation group at UAMC for the past 2 years.  YogiDevi initially introduced this as a Stillness Meditation group to the Medical Center to help promote healing for both the Medical Center community and Tucson community at lodge after the January 8th shooting in 2011.  The group has expanded over time to include a Mindfulness focus that helps to cultivate  a rich sense of aliveness in each present moment. We can bring mindfulness to our breath and sensory experiences, our eating, our relationships, nature and our connection with spirit.

Remember that Dr. Usui first connected with the Reiki energy after meditating for 21 days on the Holy Mountain in Japan.  You too may choose to  add Meditation to your daily Reiki practice.  Meditate to quiet your mind and body.  Focus on the Reiki energy coming through your crown, your heart and hands.  Feel it filling yourself up from head to toe and expanding in your energy fields.  You can also ask to be directed to where Reiki is most needed for your self treatment or when working on others.