Taking Care of Business

I am having a glorious time volunteering at PAC doing Reiki and Massage on such precious dogs waiting for forever homes!  If you are thinking of adopting, come by and meet some of these wonderful animals…and maybe your new member of your family.

On 9/12, I was doing massage and Reiki in the kennel of a dog I had worked on before; I used my eyes and heart to reach out to those in kennels across from me and tell them that I ‘loved them’ over and over again.  They took in the positive energy and quieted down.  One in particular, Jimmy Chew gave me the most soulful eyes and asked to be next.  I looked at the assignment board and saw that this lovely 12 y.o hadn’t been walked yet.  I took him outside and he took care of business 3x.  I almost decided to do Reiki outside but listened to his desire to walk around and smell whatever attracted him; this was his time to use and not my agenda.  Once back in his kennel, he was ready for some extra loving with massage and Reiki.  I was then gifted with kisses and he gave me his paw spontaneously many times as if to express much gratitude and friendship.

So..what does this have to do with our adult Reiki practice? We may have our own agenda for a session, but we need to assess what initial ‘business’ needs to be done first.  Has the client filled out the intake and consent forms and know what to expect during the session?  Do you know if there are special needs or prior traumas? Has your person been given water and a chance to go to the toilet?  Once on the table, have you done byosen scanning? You are forming a supportive and therapeutic relationship as well as making sure the environment is comfortable. Once you have taken care of business, Reiki will be your guide and the experience will be memorable for you both.

Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover…or Dog by his Looks!

I have recently begun volunteering at Pima Animal Control with the intention of doing Reiki on dogs and possibly cats; part of the requirement is to first take a Basic Dog handling class and then volunteer walking the dogs.

Today was Session #2; I had been thrilled with my experience during my first day last week especially when I went thru the whole process successfully (no dog got away from me and one even requested Reiki) without a mentor! Today when I was choosing my last day to walk, I signed up for Ludwig, a 7 .o who probably was pretty anxious to get out of the kennel by 9:30 or so to finally relieve himself.  When I first saw him, I just didn’t get the warm and fuzzy feeling…with eye secretions and a plastic head collar/protector…and an unsure attitude of me being his walker.  Well, just like we can’t judge a book by the cover…or a dog by his looks…Ludwig turned out to be quite a sweetie; after a reasonably short walk due to the heat, he laid down on the floor back in the shelter pod…and was breathing a bit heavy.  Then he raised his leg and asked for Reiki for quite some time to help him to feel more rebalanced; I even got a thank you kiss after finally getting him back into his crate.

So….remember that even if a client you are working with appears different than yourself in some manner/appearance, life style, etc., as long as you feel safe, let Reiki be the connection that brings together humanity, peace and healing.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher

If you look at our Reiki lineage, without Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata awakening to their mission to teach Reiki to others, would we ultimately have Reiki in our lives?   Although you may or may not believe that you have what it takes to teach Reiki, you most likely do have the passion and potential to share your inspiring Reiki story with others and to open up students to the profound path of self healing and healing of others.

Please focus on what Reiki means to you and why you may (or may not) want to be a Reiki Master Teacher.  Meditate on this.  Send Reiki to becoming clear about this next and exquisite step in your life.  If you are presently an Advanced Reiki practitioner/Personal Reiki Master and you want to take this transformative step in your practice and/or to sign up for the Fall 2018 RMT training, contact me at Marsha@DesertReikiConnection.com or 520-982-6721

Reiki and Spirituality at the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Although I am frequently excited before going on  a trip, I knew that this Gate 1 tour to the Balkans would be enjoyable, though not the spiritual treasure that nourishes my soul; I did have a sense that there would be at least one spiritual gem…I just didn’t know where I might discover this.  It could have been during our first few days on our own in Bulgaria…or any step along the tour in Sofia, Bulgaria, Serbia or Rumania.  There were 3 optional tours available to us but the Rila Monastery, a Unesco site,  was the only one with the energetic pull; it was wonderful but not the spiritual delight that I was hoping for.  Then while walking to the bus, a stray and old dog who seemed to be hurting came right up to me and asked for Reiki.  I first put my hands in his energy field to see how he would respond.  Within moments he sat down and looked me in the eye; then he seamlessly moved to his side and put a paw on me while allowing the healing energy to flow. I felt total love in my heart and as the energy flowed, it was the sweetest spiritual moment. This lovely being who chose me to support his healing…and chose Reiki…was totally at ease and peaceful.  My tour guide finally said ‘enough with the dog’ and called me into the bus to leave with our group.  Needless to say, my fellow travelers who observed what had just occurred were filled with questions and Reiki requests.

Mindfulness, Reiki and Belize

IMG_2092 Reiki has been instrumental in my life in cultivating a Mindful practice and way of living.  While reclining on a lounge chair under a palapas type covering for shade, I was enjoying reading on Amberge Caye in Belize.  I felt the gentle breeze on my skin, the vacation type paperback in my hands and the peacefulness and sense of pleasure in my heart.  I suddenly looked up and not only saw the beautiful clouds over the sea interspaced by the blue sky piercing in between the cotton white shapes, but I noticed how the beautiful lighting of the sun was exquisitely reflecting down into the water.  Excitedly I moved to the shoreline to take some photos; they were magnificent even on my I-phone.  Seeing a local worker cleaning the leaves, I mentioned to him about the beauty that I felt privileged to see and record.  He stopped, looked at me and said:  I don’t usually see those things.  It made my heart dance that with Mindfulness I had not missed what for others had become routine.

Some days later in another part of Belize near San Ignacio I went zip lining.  Truthfully I had been fearful of doing this activity and sent Reiki to the goal of having a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience.  Once I was there, I brought Mindfulness to how the equipment felt, the lushness of the environment, the platforms we stood on, and the movements of the guide ahead of me.  With this type of focus, the activity was filled with joy, pleasure in the movements, sights and sounds.  My primary sound was of ‘hooting’ in the exuberance of it all!100_5377

Iguanas, Reiki and Belize


Iguana at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Iguana at San Ignacio Resort Hote

I recently returned home from a wonderful visit to Belize; this was my first time visiting the country that delights visitors with coral reefs, snorkeling (or scuba diving), leisure walks on the beach on some of the precious islands or zip lining, tubing in Mayan caves and visits to Mayan ruins that leave one in a state of awe and deep respect for the builders and architects from the past.

On a bus from Belize City to San Ignacio we were fortunate to meet with American students from Alabama who encouraged us to see the Green Iguana Conservation Project.  We took a cab to the San Ignacio Resort, ate a lovely lunch on the patio and then met up with the next hour tour to meet the Iguanas, learn their role in safe guarding the environment and why conservation was so important, and then had the opportunity to hold them.  Actually the iguanas whom live in the conservatory for 4 years before being released into a less restricted environment, initiate contact and jump/climb on your head, arms, chest and back.  Often more than one compete for temporary habitat on you and even enjoy massage behind their ears.  As a RMT who loves to explore Reiki on many types of animals, I delighted in giving Reiki to some very willing and appreciative iguanas. For further information, www.sanignaciobelize.com/belize-iguana-tourIMG_2109

Reiki and Mother’s Day

I want to wish all the women whom might be reading this today, a very Happy Mother’s Day. If you are a Mother (or Mother to be), please gift yourself a lovely session of  Reiki today.  As Mothers you may be Mindful about all the times during your day that you are compassionately focusing on the needs of others.  By doing Reiki on yourself, you are bringing loving kindness and healing to yourself which is a prerequisite to meeting all the challenges of caring for others.

Daisaku Ikeda, International President of the SGI, states in For Today & Tomorrow:  Daily Encouragements:  “Please do not forget your mother’s love or the hardships she has endured for you.  I am convinced that while people keep the memory of their mothers’ loving faces alive in their minds, they will never go far astray….”.  Even if there were times of disappointment in your relationship, let’s remember with gratitude that our Mothers brought us into the world giving us life (or if adopted, have raised us in the best way that she knew how to do contributing to us being the women that we are today).  If you have received at least a Level 2 Reiki training, let’s send Reiki to our Moms, or if we are still blessed to have them in our lives and living close to us, let’s give them a Reiki session from our hearts and deep sense of appreciation, joy
and love.

Supporting Others Following a Natural Disaster: Nepal Earthquake Response

On April 25th there was a horrific earthquake in Nepal also known as the Gorkha earthquake.  At this time over 7000 are known to be dead, large areas destroyed and beautiful parts of the culture gone.  The Avalanche on Mt Everette caused death and destruction as well.  Many of us responded by sending financial contributions and offering prayers, or in our case Reiki.  However as there have been less items on the news about Napal and no more dramatic rescues, many of us  have moved our attention to other ‘areas of interest’.  There was a poignant reminder from Amma yesterday; for us it is a reminder and call to continue sending Reiki to all those impacted by the Nepal Earthquake- those whose lives have been lost, their families, friends, community, the hikers, rescuers and relief workers presently pouring out their hearts and efforts to help those in need.  We are a global family and this deserves a global response.

Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi conducted a prayer ceremony last week for healing and to bring peace to the departed souls that passed away during the recent earthquake in Nepal. Amma called for all of her children to pray for everyone affected by the disaster. “Children, don’t feel that this disaster has happened to someone else–feel like this has happened to our own family members. Amma is expecting everyone to pray and to do something to help the people of Nepal.”

When a Client has a Disability or Special Needs

My nephew (actually great nephew) is charming, handsome, loquacious,  funny, intelligent, and very gracious.  Grady recently visited me from Minnesota with his parents.  When he was 8 y.o. he has hit by a truck while riding his bicycle.  He was in a coma for over 6 weeks and even though he survived with incredible love and support from his family and medical teams, has extensive physical and functional limitations.  He lost vision in one eye, had extensive brain injury, a hand is locked in a painful grip, and there are numerous other health challenges including seizures; he has also had over 20 operations thus far.  Grady is a testimony that spirit can triumph over great crises and losses; he prays for others and tries to be an inspiration giving hope to others.

Grady asked me to do Reiki on him.  If he was at home, I would probably want to work on him 3-5x/week for a minimum of 1-2 months.  Since that was not possible and I didn’t want to trigger a healing crisis, I worked less time on his head.  I of course started out each session with byosen scanning to get familiar with his system and to prepare him for deeper healing.  I did focus additional time on the arm/hand that is most problematic.  Since he has a short attention span, sessions were limited to 15 minutes or so.  Although he needed to talk though out the sessions, it was clear that he was connecting with the Reiki energy.

Before leaving Tucson, Grady gave the following feedback regarding his Reiki sessions:  ‘my body felt happy and I have never felt this relaxed before.  It was like a spiritual enlightened journey and felt like I was in such a better place’.  He added that his whole left side that once had been paralyzed felt ‘more cool, calm and comfortable’. Grady asked if he could contact me if he needed additional surgeries; I told him that I would gladly send him distant Reiki.  I also told him that I was certain that many of my Reiki students, colleagues and friends would be glad to support him with Reiki as well!  In advance, thank you all so very much!

Participating in Energy Research

I have been privileged to participate in some Reiki research over the years.  My first research study involved sending Reiki to a ‘leaf’ vs the control leaf that did not receive the daily energy; the results were statistically positive.  I’ve been involved in having energy measured thru my hands as a healer, doing Reiki on individuals with shoulder issues and more recently on horses.  The latter was an ‘equine facilitated learning research’ out in Sonoita.  It was a wonderful day and of course being around the horses was magical.  I highly encourage you to begin to get more interested in Energy research this year and either read studies that have been published or if you get a chance, get involved as a practitioner if you qualify.  This is the year of taking new steps in your Reiki practice.  I am very proud of my students, fellow practitioners and colleagues who  create so much value in their lives, communities and the world with Reiki.